Interview with Chris Decker of Metro Pizza

22 September 2020

[Music] Metro because you’ve been there since what 97 you said yeah it forever
I mean it doesn’t look like it’s worn on you that much wear it well so let’s just a Brit a man
hello and welcome to the chef’s corner I’m your host Brian Amanda’s and I’m here today with the great Chris Decker
of Metro pizza in Las Vegas Nevada area now you guys have is it three locations there which one for full service and
then we have one at the airport and then a small one in a casino right off the strip also it’s like about six then yeah
oh I’ve been asleep for the last few years I guess is that right so which one do you mainly what’s your home base
I’m our newest one and in the northwest in Centennial Hills okay so a little further away we’re actually closer to
Mount Allison than I am the strip but it’s cool so which one’s your favorite one – we’re good
you know I started at the flamingo indicator store so that one will always be like the number one for me like the
pieces still taste the best there I love that one so let’s jump right in kind of the
question list that we had that we get just get everybody here so what is your earliest pizza memory maybe it’s a smell
a sight walking down the street somebody took the slice at your head I don’t know you know I have a couple like growing up
my dad always made pizzas on Fridays at home so that was like like when I was really young that it was cool to kind of
watch and do that and take part in you know he was didn’t have anything to do with the pizza make in the pizza making
world or even really cooking but for some reason he always made pizzas on Fridays so like I’ll kind of always
remember that and then growing up there was a really great restaurant called Duff’s I’m from upstate New York and
there’s like this really really old man used to like kind of his like workstation was in the middle of the
restaurant and hue so let it like lettuce go up there and like close the dough and like talk to him and do all
those kinds of things so I always remember that like kid he was like the star of the restaurant news like this
old old man that he’s just make pizza it was it was a great place and his family has a little place there now it’s not
the same but I’ll always remember the Duff’s it was a really cool spot so then basically he was just kind of
unencumbered in the middle of all the 98th yeah like in front of the kitchen was the pizza stand so they’re like the
pizza making area so like it was the dining room and then him and then behind him was the kitchen so he was like front
and center for everyone to see it was really cool that’s like that’s a cool concept I like that yeah um pizzas
always a story anyway so right so how did you end up getting started in the business then now you’ve told me that
you’ve been with Metro pizza since 97 so what’s going on what’s it 20 years now yeah first of congratulations by the way
yeah thank you yeah it was cool it’s been a good ride as far as getting started I said it from
upstate New York so while I was in college I made pizzas just kind of for fun you know never really thought about
it too much it was just more like feeding drunk college kids at that point and I transferred out here to UNLV and I
was like well I know how to make pizzas and I didn’t want to go home one summer so I ended up staying and I applied a
Mexican piece and I ended up staying you know for now like you said my 20th year and I I think that what I love most
about it is like the creativity so working with my hands the like instant gratification of someone taking a bite
and like loving it and like seeing that right away is something that keeps me motivated
pretty much every day so you said that you just didn’t want to go home one one summer and yeah miss was Metro pizza
your first your first Pete’s official pizza job yeah yeah well I guess I mean I made pizzas de New York like I said
for just a couple of months and it was really just for like I said just feeling like drunk college kids it was not
really like any thought but into it is like how can we get this out so they can eat it while they’re drunk type stuff up
and then you know once I saw there’s an actual like business that in a life that could
be made doing that doing something that you really enjoy do it that’s when I kind of hopped on it really took it
seriously and yeah I met a lot of really great people and you know everyone’s Drive that’s what keeps me going every
day like you see the love and the amount of care and work that goes into just making a pizza you know once you really
look into you what you’re like amazed and how how much work it actually is you know how much of the culture of I mean
pizza is a very shearing industry how much do you thrive on that or you I’m Chris and this is kind of my
singular vision or do you feed off of everybody else getting together and swapping stories and yeah I mean that’s
what keeps everything moving forward and progressing right so I mean if you’re stuck in that way like we always hear
people say oh that the recipe hasn’t changed in 50 years right we’ve the same recipe and you’re like you haven’t
you’re telling me you got it right like the first time 50 years ago there hasn’t been there’s not a better tomato or a
better olive oil there’s something that you like different 50 years like we’re constantly evolving like this world is
changing every single day is changing since we got on this phone call so you have to learn to change and adapt all
the time how much freedom do you have to come up with Metro pizza recipes that go on the menu or just I guess just to play
around but how much like do you create and how much actually gets implemented into the restaurants I get to play
around every single day so with something I have to just get that out because if we did the same menu items
every day for the past 20 years I would go insane right you have to keep it fresh so I try to do something different
at least a couple times a week you know as much as the restaurant and the time that the free time that I have I try to
take advantage of that and kind of express creativity and do something different so as far as the recipes you
know Johnny Sam have always said not always but the past couple years they’ll be like yeah you know do whatever you
want run it as a special run you’ll see how the hose this many other to get stuff added to the menu
it just depends you know a lot of things that we think will work maybe our customer isn’t necessarily ready for but
like there’s different things that you see and you’re like I think that this will really work this really tap into
what our cost our customer base ones alright so there’s a freedom to be creative and run things as a special
it’s gotta be a home run before it ever hits paper on your menu correct yeah there’s a ton of things that I make for
John and Sam just consistently that they really like so that that’s job security for me for them I’m happy all right so
let’s just get a little fun about it you know what’s your favorite ingredients work with I’ll say the one that we use
the most so I think it’s like the one that I can’t live without is olive oil like that quarto olive oil that we use
from the guys in sauce is just great you know I loved everything about it I love the flavor of it when I do taste
that side by side to whatever other olive oil or our guests might ask why don’t you use what we use and I have
them taste it like to me it’s it’s second to none and like I use it every single day you know somehow someway and
to me that that’s one thing that’s like I lost necessarily my favorite but it’s one that I definitely can’t live without
so in turn I guess it is my favorite because it without that I can’t do anything you know so what does like come
and I hate to use the word gimmick but like what is one of your items or facts or gimmicks about your pizzas p3 or your
menu that you think is I mean you need some metros and maybe that’s one reason people keep coming and aside from the
high quality of food just something unique about you guys that you think is metro and metro only yeah well you know
a lot of people look like water what is Metro pizza so it’s really its metropolitan pizza it’s based upon
because everyone in Las Vegas is from somewhere else so we try to do different styles from all over the country because
everyone that lives here has come from somewhere else so we try we do you know traditionally our regular pieces or New
York style you know hands house but we have thin crust pizzas we have pizzas con squares we have stuff pizzas we have
thick Kress feet so we have Sicilian pizza all of these different things because if Las
Vegas is a melting pot so to me that’s that’s the one thing that’s kept us going we try to be like your
neighborhood pizzeria like people come and say oh I’m from st. Louis or whatever and I’ll say okay tell me like
tell me about that style of pizza or whatever and then I’ll try to make that and then they never forget that you know
I mean they’re like it it might not be what they’re used to but they’ll be like at least you tried
you know and you kind of establish that relationship with them and you know we’re all of our full-service
restaurants have the open kitchen no guests come up to the line all the time so you know it’s not uncommon for
someone to say what are you guys doing or hey can you do this for my pizza or whatever just it just happens so I think
that’s one thing that’s really great about our restaurant is how the pizza makers is front and center
you know FF let me go indicator for actually the pizza maker is the first person you see when you walk in the
front door before you see a hostess before you see a server or anything it’s the pizza lines a lot of people are not
big on customization a lot of people they have their menu and that’s what you get a lot of people yeah and change a
couple things how how flexible are you because you said it’s a melting pot from what I saw yeah it’s like you’re eager
to please it’s like more you tell me yeah I mean is that something you guys look forward to or you gotta fight
against no I want the challenge you know there’s some things that we are like you know they’ll be a guest sometimes it
says something you’re like come on you know but you only help the guests right I mean that’s yeah they’re the one
that’s danger so these people are like I’m not gonna listen to this guy I’m gonna do I mean those are people that go
out of business that’s how we’ve been in business since June 1st 1980 right is doing what the customer wants I mean of
course you have to draw a line somewhere and like all of those are things but you you do your best to help them and work
with them to understand so it benefits both of you I tell people all the time I’ll do anything you want I’ll sell you
anything you want you know you could have this table and the chairs whatever you want just you got to pay for it you
know I’m gonna have to end of the day I’ll do anything that you want me to do pizza why so it’s cool you know I I
don’t ever stress that I like the challenge of that it sounds like you’ve been there for 20 going on 20
years now maybe what’s the one thing you would want to add or change about either the
pizzeria or the menu like a seasonal type thing I think it’s like would be great we had them for a little while
though we kind of took it away that that’s one thing I want to talk to John & salé about about like bringing that
back and just having like a couple eggs you have a salad an appetizer maybe one or two pizzas have been or something
like that that we changed three or four times a year just you know just to keep it fun
you know and we did it for a while and then you know the more restaurants you add in this bag everything kind of is
lost in the shuffle but I think the staff could use a little bit of a challenge too and you know it’s good to
keep everything fresh it gives the customer something to look forward to instead of the same menu every time they
walk in you say hey you know here’s three or four things that we’re doing right now
get them out because you know two or three months are gonna be gone and we’re gonna be doing something else now here’s
a trickier one that might not necessarily apply to you guys too much but you do have some more residentially
located stores not yeah right so what’s something that you do locally in your market to keep you guys I don’t want to
say top of mind but you know like giveaways or just a community based kind of partnering with schools of charities
sponsors sports teams yeah there’s a couple things what we do we sponsor these nights to like this cool PTA and
they’ll uh they print out like say it’s a middle school whatever we give them like a logo sheet and they would bring
that back in and they would we donate money back to the school like a percentage of the sales for that night
back to the school you just bring that flyer in with you so I mean out here some of these schools
you know they have thousands of kids in them so excuse me we’ll have a night where it’ll be you know whatever high
school night and we’ll send up something with their PTA we send them this thing they printed out for all the kids the
kids bring it in and then they get like with whatever percentage off their bill and then we donate the money from five
to nine or five to ten or whatever it might be we donate that money back to them that we partner with Catholic
Charities in three scope three square which is the food bank out here and do what we do a lot with them I think it’s
always important if we’re gonna be a this community which we’ve been since like I said since 1980 you have to give
back because that’s the end of the day we all live here we don’t want this town to suffer in any way because if the town
suffers then we suffered and you know I I just don’t think it’s fair that we work in this food industry and there’s
so many people that are hungry and it kind of goes like unlooked and people don’t really you know you get caught up
in the day-to-day and you kind of lose track of that I think it’s important to say you know Drive maybe to a part of
town that you normally wouldn’t go to just to see what it’s like and see the people they’re hurting and know that you
could do something better in your job to make it easier for the rest of the community um so here’s let’s go back to
another just a quick fun one here’s yeah one ingredient you would never use if your staff brought it or you saw them
like in their personal lunch you kick them out yeah asked you for it you might have to restrain yourself from you know
chopping them in the side that for me is mayonnaise I just interesting general like at the bakery in bloomers
you’ll see there’s not mayonnaise on one menu item not one salad dressing not one sandwich nut I just there’s something
about it like to me I think it’s like people use it as a crutch you know and I just I’ll never ever use it I can’t I
can’t even look at it I can’t touch her I can’t smell it so I think that’s one thing and I know it’s not really a pizza
item or a pizza topping but somewhere somehow somebody started putting mayonnaise on a piece into me
yeah I’ll just I could never I can’t ever do it I’ll never use it yeah they do in Russian trust me let’s see I’ll
never go all right well it was an easy one who yeah loaded and ready to go I like that yeah that’s like the first
thing I look by they’re like things like when you go to a restaurant they’re like is there anything you don’t eat we have
any food ask you some like whatever has mail in it just leave it off my dish some whatever it is so what does one
ingredient that you guys don’t new use now but you wish you could or something that you’ve been thinking about
experimenting with I mean I’m sure you guys are pretty well-rounded in your ingredient base it goes back to like I
think we were just ahead our time when we used it before but we had brought on the menu for a while and
it was like our customer base wasn’t ready for it then it was probably like 10 years ago 11 years ago and like no
one quite knew what it was and I think it would be even though it is a little bit more expensive the price points a
little bit higher I think we would benefit from bringing that back I you know and I hope – that’s another thing I
want to talk to them about along with the seasonal menu thing about bringing that back there shouldn’t it’s so
beautiful it’s so delicious it’s like super sexy there’s everything about it is great so you guys don’t currently use
piranhas no really no just got forgotten about you know and I just I think that was the perfect time to bring it back no
we weren’t turning it fast enough then into it it was super expensive bent you know we just ended up throwing more away
than we were using I think that kind of left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth but I think now’s the time to definitely
bring that back and do something fun with it now people will at least buy it in there
at least familiar with the name and what it is and what it looks like and all of those other things so so what do you
attribute that to just the thought that you think now is it’s time to bring it back do you think people are a little
more educated and nowadays on on Petes are sure believers for sure and you know they’re more aware of everything you
know back then you know Food Network and Cooking Channel and all those things like think about it think ten years ago
there was no Instagram there was no you know Facebook you know it was only emerald really on TV right so it was
like look at how we’ve evolved from them and you know the average customer knows a lot more than then they used to and
they pay a lot more attention to it and let’s be honest ten years ago it wasn’t as sexy to be a pizza maker as it is now
you know like look that is that completely you know they’re regarded and is highly chefs on the strip and every
and you know major hotels across the world everyone knows like the most famous beats maker in their talent now
where before it was just like that was the local place to go and it was like kind of a forgotten about things like I
said up until like five years ago like no one cares you know you know you know we we were making really good pizza but
no one cared about who was making the pizza do you think the people are more like you said they’ve they’ve been more
by the cooking shows and stuff they’re more willing to work things without even knowing what it is versus him the
closed-minded not necessarily know one they like it but more willing and open to actually giving it a shot
Trust goes a long way you know people have to believe you know like I said let’s being in town this amount of time
our customers trust us you know and they know we’re not going to try to pull a fast one or you know anything like that
and I think that goes when you go into a higher-end restaurant you you trust that chef if you see a tasting then you’re
just gonna be like let’s roll the dice because I know I’m gonna get a really good product right so same kind of thing
I think you know customers now will trust you’re the pizza maker as well it just real quick for the people who don’t
know or who are not yeah it’s enough to have been there so Lulu’s bakery has to join to the one that’s I can’t remember
words at the one yeah it’s never out in Centennial Hills yes yeah is there a concerted effort to make sure that they
don’t compete with each other business-wise I mean obviously this is a bakery and this is a pizzeria there’s
difference but I mean like do the hours vary just to make sure that you’re not doing a lot of crossover or stealing
from well the bakery opens at 7:00 and closes at 3:00 and the p3 opens at 11:00 until 10:00 so there’s plenty of time
you know you go to Lulu’s for breakfast and then come to Metro for lunch and dinner or vice versa
so you know it’s there’s not really a competing thing because the menu is completely different and it’s a good
thing because Metro had such a big customer base at that point you know when we first opened Lulu’s however many
years or five years ago that you know it helped up because no one was really sure what Lulu’s was good at first we were a
food truck and no one who was associate repeats and all of these different things and it they kind of worked well
together to kind of go hand in hand they’ve helped each other out look we can say that for sure and anybody
listening or watching how do you recommend going and checking that out at the time they’re both open because
there’s a walk through it for customers and I was privileged enough to be able to work in that kitchen and and mess up
a lot of dishes for John Erina he was very uh very patient with me what is the best kind of marketing that you guys do
in a place like that saying that maybe that metropolitan to downtown Las Vegas area
reaches most people and gets them coming in for the first time if they’ve never heard about you yeah we don’t do a lot
of business off the strip or travellers or anything like that we try to be Las Vegas neighborhood peace trees so we
want the locals to come that’s why we’re not you know we had that one on the casino like a block off the strip but
you know first and foremost we want families to come here and eat you know and we’ve had generations upon
generations of families come you’ll see like grandkids and grandparents and aunts and uncles and all of those things
we’ve done you know christenings to excuse me and then their confirmation and then their wedding and then you know
birthdays for their kids and so on and so forth and that’s one great thing you know we we want to be a part of this
community so we don’t really market to tourists as much of course we want them to come and take part in a lot of people
travel and then they do come but for them first and foremost we want the local we want that local customer
because we know that they’re gonna come back you know that’s what we want just repeat business
and that’s you know the one thing on the strip you might go somewhere and you’re gonna deploy your whole lot of cash on
one dinner because you’re never gonna go back here we want to come back and come back and come back and offer value in in
great food you know that’s that ultimately that’s what it’s about being there for what is it going on 37 years
now obviously it’s well known if there’s somebody just moved there do you guys do like no mover of things or just we have
you know that’s one thing I think we do need to get better on is trying to create new business you know you don’t
want to get caught up in that where your customers are dying right no and what’s that where they’ve been with you for so
long you know you need to keep the new people engaged in you know you always strive
for new customers and you know it’s funny that you mentioned about all the peach trees when they just had the best
of like in our local paper in their Review Journal and for the pizza category there was 52 different
nominations for the best pizza Wow like think about that just those were those were ones that were just nominated by
readers 52 different ones and so how do you stick out you know just grind you know just do the best you can every
day and hope that your employees they’re doing have the same mindset and same drive and want to succeed and want to do
better and you know hopefully you’re doing better than the next day there’s there’s enough people here for that many
pizzerias every and everyone has their favorite you just hope to be you know I’m that favorable and at the end of the
day now we’ve come to the Dred Scott weiners lightning round I can I can show you i got the the
Scott’s pizza – can you see on the wall and they’re gonna be kind of weird so ya might have already used some you don’t
but just kind of get me off the top your head what you would do with them doesn’t necessarily have to be pizza maybe a
dish preferably pizza so well yeah right in and this one’s gonna be probably one of the craziest ones pickles oh we
actually funny enough we used pickles we had we had a pizza called a flying pickle
so carnitas garbage Beaufort and we put that on the piece of when it came out we talked it with french fried onion rings
that we had softened butter milk and then bread and butter pickle and that actually was one that I created for the
as a special fir because the National Finals Rodeo is here when I was over at the shop in Maryland store so it was
right across right at you know from you know be where they have the rodeo so we did that as the special net was one that
actually got added to the menu for a long time and the menu was like who would ever put pickles on a pizza and we
said we’ll do it when pigs fly so that was how it kinda got the name alright let’s go to something
let’s do AG right before the everything bagel Pizza I had an egg pizza that we were joined with sopressata and ketchup
cavallo cheese and a fried egg and that was delicious again and so I had pickled peppers on it too so you can see this
kind of like a running thing with me but it did break down that like Cacho cavallo cheese which was like super rich
and delicious and like you know that pickled pepper with the egg is it is great and i know i love an egg on a
pizza there’s something about like cooking it just right and getting that egg yolk so it
that makes the sauce I love it man I would give I put egg on pizza every day if I could
well that’s man I’m this is just way too easy for you man I’m crazy though I love a madman with that but I like it I do
like it so um let’s go with say figs and I haven’t looked at their menu so I don’t know if he’s dead on this before
or do these now so I just handed in the first two so yeah the classic thing that just put in with that prosciutto is
always great arugula and figgus is awesome you know I I love that combination that super bitter green with
the sweet fig I think this is great so uh you know we’ve done it a couple of times I like to use them in the bakery
we had like different like seasonal toasts do and just that like a ricotta toast with the fig and some honey in
this it’s it’s tough to beat at that and that that’s comfort right there for me would you do it as I come an actual
piece of fig or with you know would you consider doing like it as ablaze or something like that a reduction you know
we put a bit and put them in with the balsamic and Riaan reduced them down so you kind of have like a fig balsamic but
I like them quartered you know and you know we had a toast over there I kind of just dipped from one side and sugar and
then brûléed it a little bit and that came out really nice on the ricotta toast because if sometimes the figs are
so soft nobody brulee to give it like that candy Chelle mmm and it had a little bit of a
crunch to it with the with a toast and then the creamy ricotta in the night that super smooth fake but I had that
candy the edge which was really nice getting hungry all right all right so um as you know part of this process is that
you give me a recipe that I can put out to the public pizzeria guys and consumers that they can recreate in
their homes or their pizzerias now which recipe have you settled on to give pmq to put out there for all of our fans I
should say yeah so I think the Stella does pizzas I think it’s grated it’s good like the margarita elevated and I
think people really like that thin crispy crust and it’s super light and with like I said was summer being right
around the corner I think it’s the right time to get if we put it out there pretty soon a good feel time to practice
and get it done right but still I mean it’s actually very aesthetically appealing it’s something that somebody
can make in their house when they have a dinner party don’t take that yeah but it’s something that people can do and
pizzerias as specials I mean it was a little more time consuming with the crust but you know you feel it works on
both ends yeah I mean just like anything you know once you get it you’re moving a lot faster you know but the first time
for sure it’s gonna take you a little bit to get it down but just like anything else just practice practice
practice and before you know it you got it all right so um who created this particular recipe uh what was the
inspiration did you come up with it or were you inspired by something yeah well I was inspired by I guess I think
Patrizia is how you pronounce it in New York I had seen it on Instagram whatever nothing dois this is really beautiful
this is something that I hadn’t seen before you know it’s one of those things that when you put it out there and if
you have time to do it and do it correctly like once people see it everyone wants it run through the
toppings kind of an order as they go on for me real quick I spread that put the cheese in I’m sorry spread their sauce
down and I shaved the garlic over the top and what I found out to work the best for me is when I I started on them
on the pizza peel but I shake it onto a screen because I don’t want to put try to put that shape into the oven and pull
it off the peel itself so it starts on the screen just so I can get that perfectly round star and then once it
sets I take it off the screen to get that perfect shape you know it I found that that works the best for me and then
once that sets I kind of take it off the screen let it continue cooking and you want it to be crispy you know move it
around a little bit because those stars you want them to be nice and brown and then when it came out a little olive oil
over the top that I have a ball of burrata and some fresh basil you know and just I when I did cut it I cut it in
squares and then left that one in the middle with the burrata you know intact so you kind of you take
a piece and you kind of dip it in that burrata or take a spoon and spread it out so every piece you know has cheese
on it that’s well that’s important too because I was gonna really ask I mean you don’t want to cut it first and then
put the broader because cut-through brought anybody who knows what it is it’s not it’s not pretty
right it destroys what the product should be and it just makes the rest of the pizza
look like a mess so yeah you’re also the cool thing about this isn’t but the Stars which I really start points kind
of what we’re talking about for anybody listening is that those are almost even little appetizers to that you could yeah
ripoff yes like a cheese cheese might like the contest of flavor and texture also with the ricotta that’s warm and
then the broader that’s cold and it’s in the two different textures of those cheese’s are really great together yeah
so this is uh this is a great recipe is very simple it only has like I said a few basic ingredients but the flavors
and the textures and the temperatures all play off of each other yeah and it’s got that I appeal that’s gonna make
people look at and say when it comes out of the kitchen say I want that yeah for sure so this must be gonna be
on your menu year-round now is there gonna be a special on the weekends a couple days a week maybe your yeah you
know I gotta be careful because right now I’m the only one that can really do it well enough to sell you good it’s
hard you know once you start putting the brow down there and everything you don’t want it to waste you know so you have to
practice with that dough a lot luckily you know I work 80 hours a week so I’m here a majority of the time so it’ll be
available every day but Sunday and Monday when I try to take off well so was it like time available just a
special request yeah right now it’s just one of those things with you know whenever I put something in this room
I tried out for that week you know and if it works then okay then we’ll we’ll continue to do it and but I typically
just try to put stuff out there and like run it for like the week that weekend or that week you know just because I’m
always trying something different so what is the best part about working at Metro pizza that’s kept you there for
twenty years you know like working side-by-side with some with people that you actually really get along with in
like like two legends John and Sam you know we just get along and I think that’s if people get along with their
bosses like Jon and Sam and I get along like I don’t really think of them as bosses like I don’t like yes I have to
answer to them but it’s not like we work together as a team so it’s I think that’s what’s kept me there for so long
kept me here for so long it’s working side by side with them and like kind of growing
with them like I was always a part of it you know was that it was like us against them or anything like that and they’re
not like that with any employee you know it’s it’s really great to work side by side with people like that you know that
are collaborative and welcoming and loving like to me if you love what you do and you love the people that you work
with like it’s that’s magic you know that everyone feels that way you know I think you actually answered my next
question I was gonna ask if John Arena is really the monster that the Internet has pitied him out to be pretty nice but
I know for a fact he’s one of the kindest humblest most sharing men in the industry so yeah just reaffirm that I
don’t think anybody would disagree yeah I mean that’s to think he’s always calm you know and and that in itself is very
helpful because you know how stressful this business can be right you get someone calls out someone’s in a car
accident someone’s got the flu someone cuz there’s all these things and you know you might be going crazy with all
of those different things and then he’ll come in and he’ll be like okay we can do with this we can do that and we’ll do
this and they’ll do this and then by the end of the day you’re done and you’re like okay but in the moment he’s always
calling you know and that’s that’s one thing that that’s great you know and that that’s I think anyone that’s met
him will can attest to that also he just has that kind of calming nature about him and always teaching in accepting
that’s you know if those are great attributes to have in to work side by side with that is this is great you know
for me well I did hear something the other day on the internet on the Facebook’s and the interwebs I think
will Brewer call them out on his size of his forearms I didn’t he’s like I don’t know what degree blackbelt but like some
he’s been practicing karate for like 40 years oh gentle as he is he will Bend you in
seven and make you scream for mercy that so don’t test that you don’t let that side to come out
in your Metro pizza what is one of the biggest lessons that you’ve taken from that that you apply to yourself and try
to pass down to others as well that’s that’s the important thing is you can learn something for somebody but if you
don’t pass it on then what what good was it you know so empathy for sure is one thing that I’ve learned from it you know
other people’s feelings no matter what it is the customer the employee the delivery guy you know the guy that’s
delivering the food in the door all of those things come into you know they’ve they’ve shown me to take this kind of
step back and someone else’s point of view or their feelings take their feelings into consideration so I think
empathy is like probably the most important thing that I’ve learned from them you know you can learn how to make
pizzas from anyone but you can’t learn how to be a better person from anyone 100% that’s a definitely great trait to
pass down to the next generation because it seems like it sometimes it’s lacking I really appreciate you sitting down
with me today you know I hope to stay in touch with you some more and get out there and actually let you show me some
of the things that you do in the kitchens over there so for sure I just want to say if people want to learn a
little bit more about Metro pizza yourself or John arena’s there ways that we can contact you or not contact you at
least view you the websites yes so Metro pizza that commas are like our recipe or our menu and a little bit of history is
on there but you know everyone at some point comes to Las Vegas in their life you know I I would just make it a point
to if you’re coming out here let us know get in touch with us through Facebook just leave a message on there constantly
people are coming here you know and we’d love to have them come and make pizzas with us and exchange ideas and just eat
pizzas together you know it’s a it’s that’s the that’s the thing that I’d like about pizza the most is it being a
communal dish you know you eat it with people that you really care about and like your friends or family or whatever
and at the end of the day we’re all part of this crazy piece of family so come out and when you’re here take an
afternoon and come have some pizza with us and and you know just come to the kitchen and make a pizza with us and to
exchange some ideas and everything but anchovies on Instagram and people always ask me what
that is and I always tell me it’s like our customers like they always whenever I would answer the phone they’d be like
give me a pizza with everything but anchovies so people think it’s that I don’t eat anatoly’s but I actually love
them it’s like paying that yeah it’s like paying homage to our customers that and those people that like to everything
pizza but they always gonna give me one with everything but anchovies like I can’t think how many times people have
said that to me so it just kind of stuck I’m like that would be a great like Instagram name so that it just kind of
stuck it’s just it’s just one of those weird like quirky funny things but yeah I actually love anchovies but it’s just
it’s just a nod to our customers so let’s throw all your pictures at everything but I am Toby’s it’s gonna be
Chris day yeah he’s actually so if you’re trying to make a man too bad Chris get down with us you know this is
gonna be on the chef’s corner in the magazine we’re gonna be able to figure out how to make that Stella pizza for
Pete and for people at home and then you know this will also be an online article this whole interview and then we’re
going to a podcast that you can get at Pizza radio on iTunes so you’re gonna be all out there my friends and I go
awesome better person to let people talk to or listen to about you know the pizza industry you’ve worked with the best
you’re one of the best and the stuff you’re putting out there amazing so thank you so much I appreciate that all
right thanks so much yeah I’ll talk to you soon [Music]

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