How To Make Peking Duck, Advice From One Of The Top Chinese Restaurants In Las Vegas

14 September 2020

A meaning chef LNG and he’s a master in Chinese cooking so when you call out the order do you call them out in Mandarin
would you call them out in Cantonese Cantonese yea Cantonese Mandarin and a little bit so how do you say pick up
lots out lots out lawyers at Tech yes always wait yeah yes that is a pastor fighty
fighty yeah table 32 ready fire my dear fatty well show me the line show me what we gonna do I’m excited I can make up my
food I’m here I’m here let’s do it so let’s clean the wash you know what I think it’s amazing show a
walk that’s been around for thousands of years you can’t improve it this is the same walk that somebody created but 1500
years ago it’s quick super hot 1x chef have no hair yeah always it burned it we use a left two to me huh yeah and the
need like it like that yeah whoa thousand times a night right for some dark soy sauce no accessory
yeah reason why for the dark soy sauce yeah make the color yeah shitty oh yeah rather – wow the smell of this is a
minute it’s not finished here you feel I’m the smelling chef so Blanche laughter and then you’re
finishing off in the stir-fried yes watching alan in the kitchen was absolutely amazing it’s like watching a
dancer there’s also the economy of the movement right cuz it’s hot and he’s gotta know what’s the next step is he’s
so quick and precise in his movement but that Lobster like that lobster Mapo tofu [Music]
mix little bit delicious the heat and the tofu for soft and then the lobster on top here I’m kicking it’s a really
theatrical live to Mar 30 2014 2 cor design but for me the heart of the restaurant is real this incredible
picking duck oven weather then bring out the duck and carve it tableside oh yes I’m in heaven
pigging DA has traditions that reaches back hundreds and hundreds of years when it was a dish coming out of the Ming
Dynasty the first part the skin so this is truly a regal dish tipped with a brown sugar
[Music] hoisin sauce with sesame a peanut nice beautiful just use your hands and try
the cucumber’s gun in this must be one of the most popular dishes on the menu yes it is so we have limited
availability of these we only serve about 28 for each dinner service yeah that’s the most important thing we have
the only restaurant with a fake intact direct from oven to the customer it’s a perfect dish we have everything great
flavor juicy yeah we had a lot of Chinese tourists here they like traditional Chinese food
so which happy to introduce different region from west to east north to south yeah
before everybody sing the Chinese foods like cheaper that’s it that’s why we need like a bring a high
level Chinese food to the world when you come into this environment there’s no doubt you step your foot here for one
second you’re part of an experience and when you have this duck it’s absolutely me

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